Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist – Colonial Heights Location

The Dental Hygienist will report to the Dental Hygiene Manager for job-specific questions and the Practice Manager and the Dental Hygiene Manager if he/she cannot report to work as scheduled or needs to request time off.

Job Description

The Dental Hygienist’s role is to provide optimal, quality patient care in a caring, compassionate manner. This will be done in accordance with the Dental Hygiene Oath that was taken upon the completion of Dental Hygiene education requirements.

The Dental Hygienist will:

  • greet and seat patients and acknowledge patients’ chief dental concerns.
  • review medical histories and take blood pressure.
  • take necessary, high quality x-rays.
  • perform oral cancer screenings.
  • record periodontal and restorative charting.
  • educate patients about homecare, diet, fluoride and systemic health as they relate to oral disease.
  • provide patients with necessary information to make informed decisions about their oral health.
  • take intra-oral pictures to enhance patients’ understanding of recommended treatment.
  • perform preventive or periodontal cleanings depending on patients’ oral health.
  • administer local anesthesia for patient comfort during procedures.
  • document details of hygiene services, assist in treatment planning and schedule hygiene appointments.
  • support other teams within the office(front desk, doctors’ clinical team).

Education, Licensing and Training Qualifications

  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene
  • Virginia Dental Hygiene License
  • Local Anesthesia License(preferred but not initially required)
  • CPR Certification

Career Advantages

Variety: Dental hygiene is a challenging and rewarding career, demanding versatility, and a willingness to assume responsibility for many different tasks.

Flexibility: Since dental hygienists are in demand, career options include both full-time and part-time positions.

Excellent working conditions: Dental offices are interesting, pleasant, people-oriented environments in which to work.

Personal satisfaction: Dental hygiene involves people contact, and with this personal interaction comes the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve really helped someone by helping to provide a valuable health service.

Earning Potential

The salary of a dental hygienist depends primarily upon the responsibilities associated with the specific position and the geographic location of employment. Dental hygienists earn salaries equal to other health care personnel with similar training and experience.

How to Apply:

Email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Resume