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3 Ways to Make Dental Care For Kids Fun

By Commonwealth DentistryFebruary 25, 2021Dental Learning Center
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Do you have a little one that will visit the dentist soon? Dental care for kids can be a daunting task for parents. Even the most agreeable child may buck when you try to brush their teeth. Flossing is a whole different story completely. There is no need to fear because dental care for kids can be fun! Check out some creative ways to get your little one to show some love to their teeny tiny smiles.

Dental Care For Kids

It is no secret that brushing at least twice a day every day is a key component of a cavity free mouth.  Children should brush their teeth as soon as the eruption of the first tooth, however many parents were starting much later. Some even as late as ages 2 or 3. According to a recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of U.S. children start brushing later than they should. This is a problem because plaque and tartar build up on children’s teeth just as they do adults. Early mouth care habits that encourage children to brush their teeth in a fun and exciting way will pay off in the long run.

It is recommended that parents brush and floss children’s teeth until the child has proper coordination to do so themselves. This is around age six but can vary depending on the child. Distraction is a powerful tool when it comes to mouth care. While brushing their teeth, sing songs, talk about their day, and use that moment to teach them things like their ABC’s, days of the week, months of the year, math facts etc. Brushing can serve as a valuable bonding time among parent and child.

3 Ways to Make Dental Care For Kids Fun

Many children understandably experience anxiety about someone poking and prodding in their mouth. There are many ways to make dental care for kids fun such as singing songs, reading books, or even TV shows. Trying a variety of techniques to get your child excited about brushing and the dentist can be fun learning experience.

1. Recommended Reading:

Books allow for an escape to a world that is more palpable. Perhaps it is easier for your child to imagine themselves as an enormous walrus getting her teeth cleaned. Or maybe your child would rather see the world of dentistry lit up through fun characters. Whatever they like, there is sure a book that will make dental care for kids fun. Check out some of these titles below:

ready set brush elmotooth brookdental care for kidsdental care for kidsdental care for kidsBrush Brush Brush

2. Musical Escapes

Music offers another way to escape. Songs can be used to help keep track of how long brushing has taken place or as a distraction. Using songs provides a great way for kids to learn by having fun singing and dancing. Listen to these fun tunes on the way to dentist to get them excited.

1. Brush Your Teeth by Pink Fong

2. Brush Your Teeth by Simple Songs

3. Brush Brush by Sesame Street Featuring Elmo 

3. Visual Learning

Finally, visual interpretations of the dentist can also provide great comfort to a a child.  There are many shows that will educate your child while easing their fears associated with dental care for kids.

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood- Daniel Gets His Teeth Cleaned

2. Peppa Pig Goes to the Dentist

3. Dudley Visits to the Dentist

In the end it is proper mouth care habits started early that will shape your children’s mouth the most. Visiting a Pediatric Dentist is an important part in mouth maintenance. Commonwealth Dentistry is a safe, comfortable space that creates a connection amongst doctor and patient while participating in the highest standard of pediatric dental care.  We would love to take care of your little one’s smile. 

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