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Why Smile Care is Good for Your Soul

By Commonwealth DentistryJune 10, 2021Dental Learning Center
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Most of us view smiling as an involuntary response to being happy. While this is true, smiling benefits your health, mood, and even the mood of those around you. Smile care plays an important role in willingness to share your smile with us. Learn more about the benefits of smiling and how you can improve your smile care routine to put your best face forward.

Quick Fact: Children smile about 400 times a day, adults smile only about 20.

According to a study conducted by American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and conducted by Wakefield Research shows that more than one-third of Americans adults are unhappy with their smiles. Smiling is an intimate part of your wellbeing, therefore finding disappointment in your own smile is disheartening. However, there are many ways to improve your smile.

Tips to Improve your Smile Care:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple fSmile Careix to brighten your smile. Ordinary day to day activities can cause teeth discoloration. There are a variety of options to whitening your teeth. However, professional grade whitening products are universally considered stronger and more effective.

Your dentist can provide custom fitted trays that use higher grade hydrogen peroxide solution as high as 35%. Often a halogen light or a heat source is used to speed up the process. This accelerates the whitening agent used by the dentist and results in much faster treatment. Treatment at the dentist’s office is more effective, has fewer side effects like irritated gums, and is the quickest way to achieve a brighter smile.



Fixing Misshapen or Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, bridges may be something to consider. Dental bridges use the surrounding teeth, also called abutments, to hold a false replacement tooth (pontic) in place. A pontic is similar to a crown but has no root. It’s possible that your surrounding, healthy teeth may need crowns to make them strong enough to support your replacement tooth.

Bonding is one of the best methods used to repair decayed or broken teeth that are unable to be repaired with a filling but don’t quite need to be fixed with a crown. Bonding is also often used to protect the nerve endings from a receding gum line, change the shape of a tooth, repair a chipped tooth, and cover-up built-up discoloration. Bondings are natural, beautiful, and unrecognizable.

VeneersHappy women smiling are capable of fixing almost any cosmetic dental issue. Chips, cracks, and stains can easily be covered with veneers. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that are custom-fit to match your teeth’s size, shape, color, and overall appearance. They match your teeth perfectly to give you a great smile.

Prevention and Maintenance

What can you do to perfect your smile at home? Prevention is always the key to healthy smile care. This includes brushing, flossing, and using a mouth rinse daily. Being consistent In your routine will help you stay on top of these healthy habits.

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Maintenance is another key player in a powerful smile. Smile care is also maintained through preventative care appointments. Commonwealth Dentistry performs teeth cleaning and other preventive services that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Why Smile Care is a Boost for Your Soul?

  1. One of the most compelling reasons to smile: it may increase your lifespan. One study suggests that genuine smiling correlates with a longer life. Research generally concludes that maintaining a happy, positive mood may be an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Stress wrecks havoc across our entire bodies. Smiling combats stress. When you are stressed, smiling even when it’s not genuine, can decrease your stress levels. The physical act of smiling can “trick” your brain into entering a happy place. The next time you are overwhelmed take a deep breath and put a smile on your face, it just may improve your mood.happy man smiling wide
  3. Smiling is contagious. Your brain automatically interprets other’s facial expressions and uses those to read that person. Sometimes your brain even mimics those actions. Science has actually proven that one smiles unconsciously encourage others to smile.
  4. Smiling can improve your overall immune system. Smiling releases neurotransmitters helping you relax and thus decrease stress, thus helping improve your immune system. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, other natural painkillers, and serotonin.
  5. Humans are naturally attracted to happy people. When you meet someone flashing a genuine smile can help them feel at ease. Others view people that smile as more attractive because they assume you are a positive, happy person.

If you are lucky, you spend a good amount of our day smiling. If you are unhappy with your smile, talk to one of our trusted dentists about ways to improve it. There are so many benefits to smile care. Taking care of yourself and improving your overall health is so important. Whether you are looking for an overall smile makeover or smile care maintenance, Commonwealth Dentistry would love to help.

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