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Commonwealth Care Membership

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No Insurance? No Problem! Leave it to Commonwealth to take Care of your dental needs. Sign-up for one of our dental membership plans for as little as $24/a month.

We want you to know that we are here for you and your family’s needs. That’s why we are offering a discounted annual dental membership plan to those who are uninsured and in need of quality dental care. With our membership plan, you and your family have access to easy and affordable dental services. Enjoy all the benefits and no hassle of insurance including:

  • NO Deductibles
  • NO Pre-existing Conditions Limitations
  • NO Yearly Maximums
  • NO Waiting Periods

$400+ Savings in 1st Year

$1,700+ Savings in 1st Year

Enroll Today And Enjoy Comprehensive Dental Care

Child Care Plan 
13 & under

1 Month Free if paid annually.

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Senior Care Plan
65 & older

1 Month Free if paid annually.

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Family Care Plan
Full family

1 Month Free if paid annually.

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Individual Care Plan


1 Month Free if paid annually.

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Perio Maintenance Plan


1 Month Free if paid annually
or $499/Year

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Powerful Benefits To Protect Your Oral Health

Comprehensive Exams
One annual comprehensive exam per individual or family member by one of our top rated dentists is included.
Annual X-Rays
X-rays are included as part of our comprehensive dental treatment.
Emergency Appointments
Emergencies and unexpected events happen. That’s why one emergency appointment and associated x-rays are included in the program.
Fluoride Treatment
One fluoride treatment per year to support healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that harm teeth and gums. 
Preferred Member-Only Rates
Receive a 15% discount on all other services not included in the plan.
Annual Periodontal Evaluation
To screen, diagnose, and monitor, we take 6 unique measurements around each individual tooth every year.
Dental Cleanings

One dental cleaning every six months to help prevent gum disease, plaque build-up, and protect you from tooth decay. If Periodontal Disease is diagnosed, then our Perio Maintenance Plan will cover up to 4 Perio Cleanings per year.

Oral Cancer Screening
Examination to identify signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the mouth.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Commonwealth Care Membership is NOT A DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN and not intended to be a substitute for a dental insurance plan. The Membership can be canceled at any time but a refund will only be issued if canceled in the first 90 days. If services are rendered in the first 90 days and the Membership is canceled, you agree to pay in full for any services at our current usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) fees. If Scaling and Root Planning (a.k.a. ‘deep cleanings’) are advised due to periodontal disease, the Perio Maintenance Plan will be recommended providing members up to 4 Perio Maintenance Cleanings and the member discount of 15% will apply to the Scaling and Root Planning procedure(s). You must be current on all Membership fees in order to receive any​ ​services included in the plan ​or ​​discounts on additional treatment. The credit card on file will be automatically charged monthly or annually, depending on the Membership selected, until canceled. Payments for additional dental services are the member’s responsibility. Payment is due on the date of service to qualify for the discounts detailed in the plan. Payments for additional dental services are the member’s responsibility. Payment is due on the date of service to qualify for the discounts detailed above. The Membership is non-transferable and no refunds will be issued if the participant decides not to or is unable to, utilize the Membership, or for any reason. The Commonwealth Care Membership is only valid for services rendered at our affiliated locations and cannot be used anywhere else. We use a third-party payment processor to collect and process all payments. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up to date payment methods and information. If you do not provide a valid payment method, or if your payment method becomes inactive for any reason, we may immediately discontinue your enrollment in the Dental Membership ​Plan. We will attempt to reach out to you via text or email to gather up to date and accurate information prior to cancellation.  We reserve the right to change the fees associated with the Membership plan should increases in product or labor rise due to circumstances beyond our control. We will notify you at least 30 days prior to any such change or increase. Should default occur and a members account is assigned to collections, member agrees to pay and all fees including collection agency and other attorney fees (not to exceed 25%), court costs and any other fees advanced by this office to collect on any default.