Partial Dentures


One kind of dentures is removable partial dentures that consist of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. These partial dentures may include clasps and a metal framework that attaches to your teeth, often with natural-looking connectors. Sometimes, removable partial dentures are crafted to attach to your teeth with special devices called precision attachments. In general, precision attachments look more natural and are more aesthetically pleasing than clasps.

In some cases, crowns may be needed on your natural teeth in order to improve the fit of partial dentures. When you come in for your exam, the dentist will go over your options, help you decide on a course of treatment, and get you started on the path to a perfect smile!

What can I expect when it comes to partial dentures?

When they first get their partial dentures, most people describe an awkward or bulky feeling. This is a natural feeling until you become used to wearing them. You’ll also need to practice removing and inserting them, practicing until it becomes more comfortable.

Remember to always follow the instructions given by your dentist. Your partial dentures should fit snug and easily into place. Never force them into position by pushing or biting down. Doing so may inadvertently break or bend the clasps. Your dentist will also give you clear instructions on how long during the day you should wear your partial dentures, and when they should be removed.

As you become more used to your partial dentures, eating will be a much more pleasant experience. You should start out first by eating softer foods that have been cut into small pieces, shewing on the sides of the mouth to keep even pressure on both sides. Be sure to stay away from foods that are hard or extremely sticky, avoiding gum chewing during the adjustment period.

You’ll also find that your speech is improved when you have your partial dentures in. If you find certain words difficult to pronounce, we recommend practicing reading aloud. Focus on the words that give you trouble, and after practice, you’ll become more accustomed to speaking properly with your partial removable dentures.

How do I get started?

Call us today! We’ll schedule an appointment, and after a thorough exam, the dentist will discuss with you the treatments that best suit your needs.