traditional braces to straighten teethTraditional Braces


When it comes to straightening teeth, braces are a time-tested method that has helped many people get the smile they’ve always wanted. While it’s common to get braces while the mouth and teeth are still developing between the ages of 6 and 12, adults can benefit from this orthodontic treatment, too. At Commonwealth Orthodontics, we can create an effective treatment plan for you or your child to correct any alignment issues.

At our practice, out team provides both Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatment. Phase I treatment involves using custom orthodontic appliances for around 12 to 14 months to correct specific needs like buck teeth (formerly called overbite), crossbites, or crowding. Not every child requires phase I treatment, but having an exam around age 7-8 will allow Dr. Beyer to properly evaluate your child’s specific needs and determine whether an early phase of treatment can be beneficial to possibly reduce the complexity of orthodontic treatment in the future. If a child needs Phase I treatment, then Phase II treatment usually comes 2-3 years later, when all of the baby teeth are lost. If a child does not require phase I treatment, Dr. Beyer will see the patient annually to monitor growth and development until such time as one comprehensive phase of treatment is indicated, usually in the pre-teen or early teenage years. Phase II or comprehensive treatment usually averages around 24 months in duration. 

What is the best type of braces for adults?

Braces aren’t just for kids! As long as you have good oral health, you can get a confident, beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment. A year or two of treatment can help you enjoy the cosmetic and health benefits of straighter teeth for the rest of your lifetime. It’s never to late to make your teeth straight! In addition, many times having orthodontics prior to having crowns, bridges, or implants places can make for a more efficient and beneficial overall treatment plan.


dental braces for bite misalignmentDental braces FAQ

Does everyone have to get braces?

While it may seem like everyone has braces at some point in their lives, only patients with tooth/bite misalignment need to get orthodontic care. If you’ve not sure whether or not your child needs braces, please set up a consultation at one of our practices and we can evaluate different treatment options.

What can braces fix?

Braces can correct a variety of different dental conditions including crooked teeth, crowding, spacing issues, underbites, and overbites. One of the advantages of traditional braces is that they can be used for even severe cases of teeth misalignment.

Is it too late to have braces if I’m already an adult?

Not at all! Braces are for both kids and adults. If you’re getting braces as an adult and you’re concerned about having silver, noticeable brackets, don’t worry! We offer a number of alternatives like ceramic and gold braces if you want a different look!

How long does braces treatment take?

The length of your braces treatment completely depends on your unique situation. The general estimate is approximately 2 years to complete treatment depending on how severe your teeth are misaligned. After your treatment is complete, it’s very important to wear your retainer for the recommended amount of time each day to maintain your new, straight smile.

Are there foods I can’t eat while I have braces?

While there aren’t necessarily any prohibited foods, you do need to use caution with some foods to avoid getting stuck or breaking your brackets and wires. These foods include:

  • Chewy, sticky candy like licorice, gummies, or chewing gum.
  • Hard foods like nuts, corn on the cob, apples, or carrots.
  • Crunchy foods like popcorn and potato chips.

How much do braces cost?

The price of braces varies from case to case. At your braces consultation, we’ll assess your straightening needs, the estimated time you’ll need to wear your braces, and a few other factors before determine a cost breakdown for your treatment. To help patients of all financial situation get the straight teeth they desire, we offer a number of payment options. Our team is happy to help you find one suitable for your budget.

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