Advancements in cosmetic dental technology have developed a wide variety of natural-looking resins that can perfectly match your existing teeth through a process called bonding.

Bonding is one of the best methods used to repair decayed or broken teeth that are unable to be repaired with a filling but don’t quite need to be fixed with a crown. Bonding is also often used to protect the nerve endings from a receding gum line, change the shape of a tooth, repair a chipped tooth, and cover-up built-up discoloration.

How does bonding work?

Bonding is simply the process of applying these resins to the front of your teeth, creating an outward-facing perfect smile. Molded from a durable plastic, bonding is a great substitute for amalgam fillings, in fact many patients believe they look better.

Bonding is painless and easy – the entire process is usually completed in less than an hour. You can go back to work from lunch with a brand new smile!

While other services like crowns and veneers require the help of an outside lab, bonding is taken care of completely in our office. Many patients find it a particularly attractive option for its simplicity and affordability.

Bonding helps address such dental issues as:

  • Decay
  • Chips and cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Large gaps
  • Misshapen or extended teeth
  • Exposed roots from receding gums

How is bonding different from a veneer?

While they are both procedures to solve a similar problem, they do so through a different process. Bonding is a more simple process, with your dentist applying an enamel-like resin directly to your teeth and shaping it, while veneers are custom-made thin covers crafted to fit over your teeth.

In general, you may need to have your dental bonds touched up more often than you’ll need to have veneers replaced, the process for dental bonding is much simpler, faster, and far less expensive than to have veneers put in. 

How do I know if dental bonding is right for me?

That’s the easy part! Our dentists are experts in both dental bonding and veneers. They’ll give you a thorough examination and recommend the best treatment to suit your needs.

Call today to see if bonding is the right solution for you!